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It’s the holidays and you know what that means. More and more of your time is being spent in the kitchen! Not only that, but if you are hosting out-of-town guests, then chances are your bathrooms are also being occupied and utilized now more than ever. Here are 8 common signs you need a professional drain cleaning this holiday season.

  1. Slow Drainage

Are you noticing a wastewater pool in the sink, shower, or toilet? If so, this could be due to slow drainage as a result of a build-up in your pipes. By scheduling drain cleaning with a professional, you can prevent blockages from building up and causing even worse plumbing issues.

  1. Strange Sounds

Many homeowners are familiar with the sound of gurgling water, but not many people know exactly where that sound is coming from. More likely than not, it’s coming from your pipes and drains. These strange noises you hear are caused by air trapped in your pipes due to a build-up. Pay attention to these noises when you flush the toilet or turn on your faucet, as this is a sure sign you need to clean your drains.

  1. Stubborn Clogs

Are you noticing recurring and multiple clogs that just won’t go away no matter how much drain cleaner you pour down there? If there are multiple clogs happening at the same time, then it could indicate an issue with a main sewer clog. Regardless, any sign of a clog – no matter how big or small – is a sign that a drain cleaning is in order.

  1. You’ve Used DIY Methods To No Avail

Most of the time when we notice clogs, our first instinct is to run to the store and pick up a bottle of drain cleaner. However, store-bought drain cleaner can actually wreak havoc on your pipes and not work as well as one may think. If you’ve used drain cleaner in the past and haven’t had luck clearing your drains, then it’s time to look into professional drain cleaning.

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