First, let’s cover the basics. What is hard water? It’s water that contains high levels of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. While it’s not harmful to drink, hard water can certainly cause damage to your home’s plumbing system over time. Here are the top 5 ways hard water can cause damage to your home.

1. Damage To Plumbing

It can create a buildup of minerals in your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances. Eventually, this buildup can cause blockages, reduce your water flow, and even cause your pipes to burst. In addition, the minerals in hard water can react with metal pipes, leading to corrosion and further damage. This can result in costly repairs or replacement of your plumbing system.

2. Stains On Surfaces

It can leave unsightly stains on surfaces such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. These stains can be difficult to remove and make your home look dirty and unappealing. Furthermore, the minerals in hard water can also cause soap scum to form, which can be challenging and time-consuming to clean.

3. Damage To Appliances

It can also cause damage to your appliances, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater. The minerals in hard water can build up on heating elements and other components, reducing their efficiency and lifespan.

4. Dry Skin and Hairf

It can cause dryness and irritation of the skin and hair. The minerals in hard water can leave a residue on the skin and hair, preventing moisture from penetrating. This can lead to dryness and irritation of your skin, and even exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and acne. It can also make your hair feel dull, brittle, and difficult to manage. Over time, hard water can lead to long-term damage to your skin and hair, which can be difficult to reverse once the damage is already done.

5. Increased Energy Costs

It can increase your energy costs by reducing the efficiency of your appliances. When minerals build up in your water heater, for example, it can take longer to heat up the water, requiring more energy to do so. The same is true for appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher, which can become less efficient over time due to mineral buildup. One way to help prevent this is to invest in a water softener, which will help you reduce energy costs and extend the lifespan of your appliances.

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Overall, hard water can cause a variety of problems for your home and can be challenging to address without proper treatment. By understanding the potential damage that it can cause, you can take steps to protect your home and invest in solutions that will help keep your home looking and functioning at its best. If you suspect you have this problem in your home, contact MA Williams today. Our background-checked and drug-tested technicians want to build relationships with all of our customers. That’s why we provide personalized service that is designed to solve all your specific and unique plumbing problems. Call us at 804-684-8300 or fill out our online form here.