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Should I Repair or Replace My Water Heater? Top 5 Things To Consider

Is your water heater on the fritz? Are you wondering if it’s time to repair or replace it entirely? That can be a tough question to answer. However, there are 5 things you can consider that might make that choice a little easier for you.

1. The Age Of Your Water Heater

If your water heater is older than 10 years and starting to fail, it may be more cost-effective to just replace it rather than repair it. Chances are, at that age, your water heater will start to experience issues more frequently from here on out. Instead of investing time and money into multiple repairs, consider replacing it.

2. How Often Repairs Are Needed

A great way to know if your water heater needs to be replaced is to track how many times it needs to be repaired in a year. If you’re finding that you’re making frequent calls to your plumber to come fix your broken water heater, then you’ll want to look into a replacement instead. While repairs are often cheaper than replacements, they can add up over time. Water heaters shouldn’t need to be repaired more than 1-2 times a year. If you’re finding that your system needs more love than that, then look into a replacement.

3. The Demands of Your Household

Are you finding that your water heater is too small and/or not able to keep up with the demands for hot water in your household? You may start to notice an increase in your energy bills, or you run out of hot water much quicker than you should be. If your water heater is no longer providing for you, then you should look at having another one installed, or perhaps a larger one, that can keep up with your household demands for hot water.

4.  How Your Water Looks

Water should be clear – always. However, if you find that it’s discolored, it could mean that your water heater has started to rust or corrode. Not only that, but it could also mean that mineral sediment has built-up and started to coat the bottom of your water tank. This is usually due to a lack of maintenance. Usually, it’s something that can be repaired by a professional without needing a full replacement.

5. Signs Of Problems

If you notice signs of issues, such as leaks, strange sounds, or you’ve lost hot water entirely, then you should contact a professional right away. Leaks, for example, are a common sign that something is wrong with your system. Usually, a leak that is small enough can easily be repaired. However, if the leak is significant enough, your plumber may recommend you replace your tank – especially if the leak isn’t repairable or if the repair will cost more than the replacement itself. A professional will help you decide, depending on the issue, whether a repair or replacement is better for your situation.

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