signs you need to replace your sump pump

A well-functioning sump pump can prevent long-term and expensive damage to your basement and/or crawl space. If any flooding occurs, your sump pump is supposed to pump the water away from your building, keeping your home dry. However, if this trusted appliance is not performing as well as it used or it is old, you might want to consider replacing it. Here are some more signs that you need to replace your sump pump, brought to you by the pros at MA Williams.

1. Old Age

One of the main signs that it is time to replace your sump pump is its old age. However, there are other factors that might work in tandem with your pump’s age which might be causing the wear out. In addition to being old, if your sump pump is frequently used, not often maintained, has to pump water a long distance and isn’t of the best quality to begin with, you might want to consider replacing it. Consult a professional before you make the decision to do so!

2. Your Sump Pump Vibrates Noisily When It Runs

When an appliance runs, it is common for it to make some subtle noises. However, if you notice that your pump is vibrating excessively and making rattling or grinding noises, chances are you have a bent impeller. This could be caused by some debris getting stuck in the appliance. If the impellers are damaged, they might cause damage to other components of your sump pump. Contact a professional and see what you can do—you might have to replace the sump pump altogether.

3. It Runs Excessively

If you notice that your sump pump runs for a long time, it might be because it is unable to handle the volume of water or distance it should pump the water. Having a small pump is inefficient and expensive; it is best to get a pump that is the right size so it can handle larger volumes of water and longer pump distances.  Get in touch with your local plumber to look into your replacement options and learn what size sump pump is right for you.

4. Issues Turning On/Off

When your sump pump turns on or off depends on the pump float (this operates a lot like the float in your toilet tank) or the pressure sensors. When there is high water pressure, the sump pump will automatically turn on and will turn off when there is minimal water pressure. If your sump pump is constantly facing on/off issues, long after you have inspected its float and sensors, there might be a problem with switch or wiring malfunction. You might need to replace the appliance altogether.

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