The first shower was invented in 1810 and the first flushing toilet was invented in 1596. Imagining a life without plumbing is almost impossible, as we rely so much on our plumbing system in our daily lives today. There are many reasons why you should be thankful for your plumbing. Below, we cover the top 4.

1. Running Water

All thanks to our plumbing system, we have running water – which is one thing that we often take for granted. If we didn’t have the luxury of running water in our home, we’d most likely have to get it from elsewhere, like the rain, the lake, or the river. This would make simple tasks a lot more difficult, such as bathing, cooking, washing clothes and washing dishes.

2. An Indoor Toilet

Can you imagine having to walk outside every time you needed to use the bathroom? This would be really uncomfortable, and even a bit terrifying, in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep. Luckily, thanks to indoor plumbing, we can use the bathroom in the comfort of our own homes where it’s warm and dry. If you’re really lucky, you may even have heated toilet seats or a bidet in your bathroom! Plumbing has come a long way since the 1500s.

3. Efficiency

We save quite a bit of time because of indoor plumbing. Let’s say we had to bathe somewhere else, always wash dishes by hand, hang dry our clothes, or use the toilet in an outhouse several feet away from our front door. Doing all of these relatively simple tasks would take all day if we didn’t have plumbing. This efficiency allows us to be able to save time and focus on other things, such as spending time with family.

4. Great Hygiene

If you have a manual labor job, then chances are you want nothing more than a hot shower after work. If you’re a nurse or a doctor, then you may want to wash your clothes right when you get home. People have routines depending on their lifestyle, and a lot of these routines wouldn’t be possible without plumbing. We wouldn’t always be able to shower whenever we want, or wash our clothes right away. This would surely contribute to poor hygiene.

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