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Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home’s Plumbing

Are you starting to open your windows to breathe in that fresh air? That can only mean one thing – it’s spring! If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably already thinking about all the spring cleaning you have to do this season. When it comes to cleaning, don’t forget to give your plumbing some attention. Here are the top 5 spring cleaning tips for your home’s plumbing.

1. Inspect Your Pipes

One thing to make sure is that there are no leaks coming from your pipes. If you spot drips or leaks, don’t wait to have it looked at. Not only could it cause damage to your home, but it could also cause your water bills to skyrocket.

2. Clear Your Drains

A lot of homeowners are unfortunately well versed in what happens when the drains aren’t clean. Water backups and clogs aren’t easy to forget. Usually, it’s at this point that you’d run to the store to pick up a bottle of chemical cleaner. However, you should think twice before doing this. The chemicals in a lot of these cleaners can actually do more harm than good to your pipes. Instead, consider having them professionally cleaned by a plumber this spring!

3. Check Out Your Water Heater

Your water heater is usually out of sight, out of mind – until something goes wrong with it. This spring, make sure you check around the tank for any signs of leaks. Once you’ve done that, then flush your water heater to remove any sediment buildup. Not only can this buildup cause your water heater to not operate as efficiently, but it can also reduce its lifespan. Having it drained and flushed annually by a professional plumber is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

4. Check Your Toilet

If you notice any worn out parts, leaks, or parts that need adjustment, don’t wait to have it looked at. First of all, you should check your toilet to make sure everything is in working order. Then, inspect it for any leaks by doing the “food coloring trick”. Drop some food coloring into the toilet tank and wait about 15-20 minutes. If you notice colored water in your toilet bowl, then it’s a surefire sign that you have a leak.

5. Scheduling Plumbing Maintenance

Even if your plumbing system appears to be working fine, you can never go wrong with a preventative plumbing maintenance. After all, there really is only so much spring cleaning for your plumbing that can be done yourself. A professional will be able to come to your home and conduct a plumbing inspection and maintenance to check for any signs of malfunction or failure. This helps you catch problems early on before they become major.

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