Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Solutions

Garbage disposals are a must-have in homes all around the world. When they experience problems, it can be a very inconvenient and frustrating time. Here are some of the common garbage disposal problems – and the solutions – so you can hopefully avoid having to deal with garbage disposal troubles.

1. Foul Odors

One common issue homeowners notice with their garbage disposal is foul odors. This happens as a result of waste collecting within the mechanisms of your disposal. When excess food waste hasn’t made it’s way down the drains, then it can cause a terrible smell that permeates throughout your entire kitchen.

Solution: Keep your garbage disposal clean. To avoid food particles from building up, make sure to run cold water while you have your garbage disposal turned on. Even when you think all the food has made it’s way down your drains, still keep the cold water running for a few seconds after you’ve turned your garbage disposal off. This will help prevent clogs from any additional bits of food that might still be hanging around.

2. Clogs

Many people think that a garbage disposal is a substitute for a garbage can – but that isn’t true. In fact, it’s only meant to grind up small food waste. Not only that, but only certain items should go down your drain in order to prevent clogs.

Solution: Dispose of most food items in your trash can. Avoid putting the following items down your drains: grease, fat, oil, coffee grounds, egg shells, pits and seeds, skins and peels, fibrous foods, bones, nuts, and pasta and rice.

3. Damaged Pipes

If you’re not taking good care of your garbage disposal, you could end up with damaged pipes. In fact, when you experience clogs, your first thought might be to go pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner from the store. However, this can actually cause serious damage to your pipes – and to your health – because of the toxicity of the product. Chemical, store-bought drain cleaners can eat away at your pipes, even those with stronger material. Keep this in mind before planning to clean your drains.

Solution: Avoid using chemical drain cleaners to clean your drains. Instead, schedule a drain cleaning service with a professional who will use the right tools to keep your pipes in great condition.

4. DIY Projects

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to take matters into their own hands when it comes to their plumbing, and garbage disposal specifically. Some tasks might seem easy enough. After all, the internet is full of information and “how to” videos. One of the most common DIY projects homeowners try is sharpening the blades of the garbage disposal with ice cubes or eggshells. In fact, garbage disposals don’t even have blades, so this is a myth we wish to put to rest. They have shredding impellers that move at fast speeds to grind up food particles.

Solution: Leave all plumbing matters to the professionals, and never try to sharpen the garbage disposal blades (as it won’t work, since they don’t have blades). If you are having issues with your garbage disposal working properly, contact a professional plumber instead.

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