Many of us take our sewer lines for granted. We don’t think about how important they are until they malfunction. Usually, you’ll notice a clog or other problem when it prevents you from enjoying the modern convenience of indoor plumbing. In this situation, you may need sewer line and drain cleaning services to ensure you can use your sink or toilet. According to Global Information, the U.S. sewer and drain cleaning services market is projected to reach $2.49 billion by 2031. Keep an eye out for these signs that you need your sewer line cleaned.

It’s Been a While

Preventative maintenance is always crucial when it comes to your plumbing. Sewer line and drain cleaning helps remove debris in the pipes that can cause clogs and odors. As you do dishes or use your sink for any other reason, small pieces of food, hair, and debris cling to the sides of the pipe. More debris sticks to it as time passes, gradually forming a clog. It’s best to invest in regular drain cleaning to prevent problems down the line.

You’re Experiencing Constant Clogs

Minor clogs may work themselves out. Many homeowners rent an eel or give it time to see if a slow drain corrects itself. However, attempting DIY solutions is a risky move; in some situations, the clog could indicate a more significant problem. If you notice frequent clogs in the same area, it’s time to call the professionals. They can examine and clean your pipes to help you find the underlying cause. They’ll also teach you preventative measures to help you prevent clogs, such as not rinsing grease down the sink drain.

You’ve Noticed Unpleasant Smells

Smells from your pipes or random foul odors on your property indicate that it’s time to have your pipes examined and cleaned. Sewer pipes that go through your yard may smell if there is a problem, such as a tree root blocking the pipe. Clogs can also happen further down in the pipe. If you notice odors coming from the drains inside the house, it’s a surefire sign you need professional cleaning services.

M.A. Williams offers professional sewer line and drain cleaning services to ensure your pipes work properly. Our professionals will work with you to find the root cause of the problem, and we can help you learn about preventative maintenance. Contact us today for more information.