It may be spooky season, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore spooky noises in your pipes! If your pipes sound haunted, then it’s important you contact a plumber who can find the cause of the noise and offer solutions to fixing it. Here are the top 4 spooky noises you shouldn’t hear coming from your pipes – and what to do about it.

1. Humming

The humming sound you are hearing is likely due to the pipes vibrating behind your walls. Usually, this is because your water pressure is too high. Many homeowners will report they hear this humming noise mostly when their water is turned on. You can have a professional plumber test the water pressure and make adjustments to eliminate these spooky humming noises once and for all.

2. Screaming

Hearing screaming in your home can be quite alarming! It might sound like a ghost is screaming in your walls, but this is likely not the case. When this screaming sound comes from a plumbing fixture, it’s usually due to a worn-down washer or another piece of plumbing hardware that needs to be replaced or repaired. However, it can be due to another plumbing issue that needs some professional attention. If you hear screaming coming from your pipes, make sure to contact a professional right away.

3. Whistling

Do you hear whistling in your shower? While this could be pretty spooky, it’s likely nothing more than high water pressure or a faulty pressure regulator valve. If it’s neither of those things, then it could be due to mineral build-up in the pipes or your water heater. If build-up is what’s causing the sound, then you’ll want to have it professionally cleaned which should take care of this noise.

4. Banging

If you hear a banging noise coming from your pipes, it’s likely due to sediment build-up in your water heater. The best thing you can do in this case is to flush your water heater and clean the filter. However, if the noise sounds like it’s coming from behind your walls, it’s likely your water hammer. This happens when there’s been a sudden change in water pressure. If your pipes are loose, this added pressure can cause your pipes to bang into your walls. Whatever the cause may be, a plumber should be able to help you find the source of the spooky noise and offer solutions to fixing it right away.

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