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Your faucets and sinks are some of the most important components of your home. If you don’t think so, just see how things go when you spring a leak or no longer have access to running water. Faucet maintenance can help you get more mileage out of your sinks, showers, and tubs. However, these fixtures won’t last forever. At some point, you are going to have to either repair or replace them. When you do, M.A. Williams Inc. is here to help.

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Faucet Repair & Installation Richmond


Usually, repairing your faucet is enough to get it back up and running after a leak. When the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of replacement, however, it’s time to start fresh. We can help you choose the best faucet for your budget and bathroom style. We will ensure that all the areas around the faucet are primed for installation and then professionally install your new faucet in no time.

Your sink isn’t likely to experience as many functional problems as your faucet, though some issues can arise.

Common issues with kitchen and bathroom sinks include:

  • Cracked seals
  • Damaged drains
  • Damaged or stained porcelain
  • Upgrades or renovations

The primary reasons for replacing a sink are typically functional and aesthetic. You may decide that you want a new look or material for your sink, going from stainless steel to more stylish porcelain or ceramic apron sink. You may simply want a bigger sink for more prep room. No matter what the reason may be, M.A. Williams handles both repairs and replacements to give you the sink that you want without breaking the bank.


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