Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Services

We urge our customers to be mindful of what they put down their drains. While your garbage disposal features a powerful motor and sharp blades, common waste materials can trip up the device and result in its untimely failure. For disposal troubleshooting and solutions for garbage disposal leaks, contact your local Richmond garbage disposal cleaners at M.A. Williams Inc.

Garbage Disposal Repair Richmond


Garbage disposals are incredibly handy machines. Unfortunately, they’re prone to certain issues that may leave them malfunctioning or requiring replacement altogether.

Common issues you may experience in your garbage disposal include:

  • Garbage Disposal Jamming: This is the most common problem that occurs in garbage disposals. The disposal’s flywheel can jam as the disposal fails to process difficult waste material – which is why it’s important to be conscious of what goes into your drains. A jam in your garbage disposal can cause the unit to trip or fail to spin.
  • Garbage Disposal Leaking: If you notice water leaking from the garbage disposal unit under your sink, call a plumbing consultant to diagnose the issue and determine the best method of repair.

Sometimes, you just have to push the garbage disposal reset button. If that does not work, contact us for help as soon as possible. Garbage disposals can be incredibly dangerous – never reach your hand down the drain to try to repair yours. It is best to leave the repairs for our trained team of Richmond plumbing experts. Our plumbing team can help you diagnose the problem and carry out the right solution, whether that is a repair or a complete garbage disposal replacement.


You can maximize the life of your garbage disposal by being proactive with routine maintenance.

  • Coldwater flushes: Weekly flushes of cold water will help to eliminate thick liquids that have built up in your garbage disposal. After allowing a couple of inches of cold water to pool in your sink, unstop the drain and allow the water to flush through.
  • Grinding ice: Running ice through your garbage disposal can also help keep your unit in good shape. This will help sharpen the blades as they cut through the ice.

For “garbage disposal repair near me” and to learn more about garbage disposal repair costs, consult with M.A. Williams Inc. at (804) 376-5680 for guaranteed solutions.

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