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Signs You Need To Replace Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is essential in protecting your home from water damage. Whether from a storm or a plumbing issue, water damage can cause mold, staining, and even total losses in some instances. With a sump pump installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected no matter how bad a storm gets. Here are the top 5 signs it’s time to replace your sump pump.

  1. Old Age

Even though most manufacturers can’t guarantee the lifespan of sump pumps, generally if it’s at least seven years old, you should start looking into a replacement. The reason manufacturers can’t say for sure how long a sump pump can last is because it’s highly dependent on a lot of different factors. For example, the climate in which you live. If you experience a lot of rainfall, your sump pump will have a shorter lifespan.

  1. Visible Rust or Damage

Signs of visible rust is usually an indication that your sump pump needs some TLC. This rust is most likely harmful bacteria. Although it’s not harmful to humans, it can be harmful to your plumbing. This bacteria can clog your sump pump and block water flow.

  1. Loud and Weird Noises

While your sump pump does make sounds, it shouldn’t ever have a rattling, grinding, or gurgling sound to it.  Usually these sounds mean there’s a problem with the motor. Sometimes these problems can be fixed with a simple repair, but in some cases, you should really think about replacing the entire sump pump.

  1. Frequent Running

If your sump pump sounds like it’s running constantly, then it could indicate there’s a problem with the switch. Not only can this be an inconvenience, but it can also lead to bigger issues if not addressed right away. The longer you let this problem go, the more overworked your sump pump becomes. Wondering what can cause the overdrive of your pump?

  • The switch has become stuck, clogged, or tangled
  • You have the wrong-sized sump pump installed
  • There’s a missing or broken check valve
  • A continuous, heavy flooding in your sump pit
  1. Stopped Working Altogether

If your sump pump has completely stopped working altogether, then you should look into a replacement. Not only can this be an indication of a motor failure, but it can also be caused by wiring and electrical problems, frozen and clogged drain hoses, or other malfunctions.

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