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Nothing is worse than entering your bathroom and finding that your toilet won’t flush because of a clog or blockage. In the event of a clogged toilet, it’s important to seek professional assistance from licensed, expert plumbers in your area. Some homeowners may attempt to remedy these issues themselves, but this is never the best course of action. Without knowing how severe the blockage is, you can unintentionally create a more serious problem. At M.A. Williams Inc., we provide plumber toilet repair solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What Can Cause a Clogged Toilet?

Toilets are often clogged by:

  • Too much toilet paper: Generally, toilets clog as a result of somebody putting in an excessive amount of toilet paper or other paper-based items such as paper towels, tissues, and diapers. While these items are supposed to break down easily, they can quickly stop the flow of water in your toilet if used in large quantities.
  • Foreign objects: Youngsters might be enticed to place toys in the toilet to check whether they will flush away. Toothbrushes, toilet fresheners, hair accessories, and many other obscure items can wind up in the toilet and get stuck in the trap. These small items can create large issues in your toilet, requiring a professional fix.
  • Invasive roots: It’s possible that tree roots have grown into your pipes, prompting issues in the general sewer system or septic system. This can be a serious issue as invasive roots can quickly escalate into the damaged piping.

While some homeowners may be content using a plunger or store-bought chemical cleaner to remedy these issues, this is never the recommended course of action. More often than not, these solutions will either be short lived or will worsen the problem altogether.

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